Nike’s running shoes for the NFL season


NKE’S running shoes have become the most popular sportswear on the planet, with the shoe company’s shoe cover line featuring dozens of models, and many of them featuring the brand’s signature Nike Zoom running shoes.

Here are a few of the best options for your next outing:• The Air Max 1 has been the shoe of choice for every NFL team.

Nike’s Air Max line has grown into a staple for every franchise, and the latest model is available in seven colorways.• The NFL team’s most popular shoes are the Air Jordan 1, Air Max 3, Air Jordan 2, Air Mavic, and Air Max.

The Air M7s, Air Air M3s, and even the Air M8s all feature the same leathers, so it makes sense that they are all on this list.• Nike Air Force 1s have become popular for both the league and its fans, with each model featuring a black, suede, and mesh upper.

The new Air Force 3, the Air Force 2, and some of the Air Max models have all gone for $300-$400, and most of the higher-end models are priced between $350 and $400.• You can find plenty of Nike running shoes on sale, and this collection is no exception.

Nike will continue to add to its sneaker lineup, and with the NFL’s new season kicking off in just a few weeks, there’s no better time to get your kicks on.

Nike is also releasing an entire line of footwear, with a full line of shoes from the Airforce, AirMax, Air Force Mavics, and a few others, including the AirMavic and AirMax 5.

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