A collection of new Gucci shoes for the superman


In a bid to break through the mainstream, Gucci is releasing a collection of shoes that are not just about fashion, but also about performance.

The new shoes, designed to go with the super hero costume worn by Tom Hardy, will be available from the Gucci website and in retailers in April, as part of a broader effort to showcase the brand’s performance footwear.

The shoes, which include a pair of “Fashioning” sneakers and a pair made to celebrate the New York Giants Super Bowl win, will cost £2,995 ($3,000 US).

“This is the first time that Gucci has come out with an entire collection of performance footwear for a superhero, and we’re really excited to introduce it to the public,” says Jonathan Caulfield, senior vice president of footwear at Gucci.

“There’s a lot of iconic superheroes in our collections and they’re all very different, but for Gucci, the goal is to make sure the hero is the one that we look at.

This new collection really celebrates what a hero can be and why it’s important for a man to wear it.”

“A superhero can be the best in the world, but if you can’t put yourself in the shoes of that hero, you can never be a true hero.”

The shoes are made from leather and canvas with a full range of colour options including burgundy and white.

The full collection of Gucci’s super hero footwear is currently available in stores and on, where you can buy a pair for £2.99 ($3.25 US).

The collection also includes the Guccis new “Falling Star” sneaker, a sneaker inspired by the famous superhero, as well as a pair worn by Hardy on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“It’s really cool to see that the people that I work with at Gucci are taking the opportunity to build a brand that really connects with us, that really has the power to do great things,” says Hardy.

“The Falling Star was a collaboration with Gucci and they took it to a whole new level.

I’m just really excited about it.” “

I’m just so proud to wear a pair that I made with the Guicolas people and they made it for me.

I’m just really excited about it.”

The “Failing Star” shoes are available in both black and grey.

Gucci says that the shoes have been inspired by Hardy’s iconic Spider-man costume, and the colours are a combination of black, grey and white, to create a “superhero-ish” look.

The “Superman-inspired” shoes come in the classic black leather and mesh version with a suede upper, while the “Spider-man-style” shoes feature a synthetic leather upper with a mesh sole, with black detailing, and are available from May through September.

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