LeBron James’s Nike sneakers have the ‘black nip’ look


Nike has been in the news lately for a slew of product failures and controversies.

But it’s not just that the company’s footwear has not lived up to its hype.

It’s also the company itself.

When LeBron James signed a contract to wear a pair of shoes with black and white Nike logo on the bottom, some were quick to criticize the shoe for not fitting the white model he wore in the Nike Air Jordan 11, a pair with white accents.

James’ Nike sneaker was criticized for not showing off his cleavage, a problem that was already a trademarked problem for the company, according to a report from Forbes.

But Nike is working to rectify the problem, and the company has released a statement to the media that says the shoe has been updated with “black and white” branding.

James also released a video in which he revealed that his Nike sneakers were black and blue.

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