Oxford Shoes have ‘snowflake’ snowflake logo for summer 2018


Oxford Shoes has released a new “snow” colour for their summer 2018 range, a white/yellow/blue-based shade that is based on the company’s previous seasonal “sandy” design.

The new “Sandy” shade, the latest release in Oxford’s “Sneaker Colors” range, is the third in the companys range of white/blue/yellow colours.

It will also be available in black, grey, and navy.

In the UK, Oxford Shoes will release three different shades in the UK on June 23rd, including a black, white, and red one, and a grey, black, and grey-blue shade.

The “sneaker colours” range is currently sold out across the UK.

Oxford also revealed that it will be releasing “sunny” colourways for the summer of 2019.

The company said that it had “made a snowflake” logo, which is a nod to the previous summer snowflake design.

Oxford has previously released snowflake designs for the autumn, winter, and summer seasons.

It is not yet clear what Oxford’s winter/snow colourway will be.

In its press release, the brand said that the “snot snowflake and the blue sky” are both shades of blue.

The brand also revealed the “Snowflake” brand logo for “Spartan”, the latest in the “Snowflake” range.

The iconic brand is also known for its “sneeze”, which it released in May 2018.

It has been a big hit in the US, where the brand has had more than 300,000 orders for its new “ski” range since launching.

The product is designed for athletes, climbers, and snowboarders.

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