What is LeBron’s shoes and why is he so interested in them?


By LEWIS STREERSource:The Times of IndianA lot of attention has been paid to the new shoes that LeBron James has been wearing in the last few months.

While it is no secret that James is a basketball fanatic, his basketball footwear is one of the most coveted items in the world.

He has been known to wear them on the court and on the street.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, LeBron was asked about his footwear.

He said, “I am a fan of sneakers.

I am a collector.

I love sneakers.”

LeBron James has worn LeBron James shoes since childhood.

(AP)When asked what he would like to wear now, he said he would love to wear sneakers.

He continued, “My favorite shoe is the one I have on my closet.

I don’t think it’s a basketball shoe.

It’s a Nike.

That’s my favorite shoe.”

LeBron said his love for basketball shoes was formed when he was a little kid.

He was a basketball fan since his childhood and would often go to basketball games in his neighborhood.

The NBA superstar said that he wears basketball shoes to help him be “one of the best basketball players.”

He said that his favorite shoes are the LeBron James, Nike Air Max 90, and the Nike Air Jordan III.

“It’s not about the shoe itself.

It just means that I’m one of those people that loves to be a part of something and to play for the team and to be in a situation that I feel comfortable with,” he said.

LeBron said that when he looks at the Nike LeBron sneakers he is impressed with how much he loves the look of the shoes.

He added that he loves that Nike is able to offer such a high-end product.

“When you see the quality and the design and the colors, that’s the most important thing.

It makes you feel like you are in the right place.

You’re in the shoes and you’re able to feel what the brand is about,” he explained.