What to buy at the new shoe store next door


The next big thing in footwear is happening in Brooklyn, New York, with the debut of the shoe store on Roosevelt Avenue.

Named “Shoehorn,” the store, which is opening June 1, will be located in a former department store.

It will also include a new shoe selection, a shoe rental store and more.

“We’re hoping to provide people a new way to go about shopping and we hope it can grow to be something more than just a shoe store,” said Michael Gaffigan, who is the company’s vice president of merchandising.

Shoehorn will sell the shoes, along with a range of other brands, from sneakers to hats.

The store’s location in the neighborhood of the New York Stock Exchange will allow it to attract shoppers from all over the city.

Shoppers will also be able to pick up shoes online and pickup in-store.

Shoes can be purchased for $10, and there are also a variety of other items on offer, including shoes for men, women and kids, plus shoes for people of all ages.

Shoes can be found on eBay, Walmart, Walgreens, and at select department stores and specialty retailers.

Gaffigans said he and the store’s new owners are not planning on expanding the store to a wider area, but said they are excited to have the space in the area.

Shopping for shoes online is a good way to spend money, said Gaffig.

“People who are in the same situation as we are are looking for the best products and the best deals and we believe that ShoeHorn will be able provide that.” 

According to Gaffigs Facebook page, the store is expected to open on June 1. 

Gaffigan said that the store will be open for a limited time and will be a great way for shoppers to find a shoe to fit their style. 

“People are finding themselves in a bind.

They are looking at a range and they are looking to buy a particular brand,” he said.

“They are looking and they don’t know what they are going to get.

The shoe store is a great opportunity to try something different and see what people are looking in.”

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