How to choose the perfect pair of hiking shoes


Hiking shoes are becoming increasingly popular among the growing number of young Americans, and now some brands are taking a stab at making sure they are made from the finest materials possible.

One brand, Hiking Shoes is a company based in Chicago that offers hikers a wide selection of hiking footwear and accessories for their feet, knees and ankles.

“They are the ultimate shoe,” said co-founder and CEO Alex Rau, referring to the company’s minimalist hiking shoe collection.

“Every time you put on a pair of shoes, it’s like you are stepping into a new world.”

Rau and his wife, Emily, have been hiking since the age of five, and have spent the last two years creating footwear that are comfortable, stylish and functional.

“I don’t think there is a product out there that is better than Hiking Shoe,” Rau said.

“We have something unique to offer that other companies don’t.”

Rungs are designed to be worn all day long, and include a leather upper, an adjustable toe box and a full-length heel to keep you upright.

Each pair of Rung is made from 100 percent recycled materials and features a unique design and color to match the color of the hiking shoe.

Rung design is similar to that of traditional hiking shoes, and can be customized to your body shape and style.

“If you are a girl or a guy, you will have a really nice pair of walking shoes, they are comfortable,” Rung designer and founder Alex Raul said.

While Raul is a lifelong cyclist, he was inspired to start designing shoes for hiking when he noticed the need for more sustainable footwear.

Raul has also been making footwear since the late 1980s, and the first one he made was for his wife.

“The first one was made for her, and I took the same principle and went from there,” Raul explained.

Rau decided to launch the company in order to bring the most quality products into the market.

“It’s been the hardest thing for me,” he said.

Runds are made with recycled materials, but are not designed to hold water.

The company is also offering a shoe that can be worn in rain, snow or snowshoe conditions.

Hiking footwear is becoming more popular in the U.S., as many Americans have started to use them for their daily routines, and are beginning to think about wearing them on a regular basis.

“People are going back to the outdoors,” Rund said.

Although Raul’s company has been making hiking shoes for about two years, Raul still has a lot of ideas for the future.

He has been working on a waterproof hiking shoe called the Hiking Clothes, and a shoe with a removable top, but Raul isn’t sure if it will ever make it to the market, or if he will be able to make it in time for the holidays.

Raun, who has spent his life working in the construction industry, has a passion for hiking.

Run has been using Hiking Boots products for almost two years now, and he said he has seen great things from the company.

“My favorite thing about them is how they feel,” Raun said.

Hikers should not worry about buying a pair.

Rul said that the company does not want to discourage anyone from purchasing hiking boots, and that Hiking Shovels is the right choice for anyone looking to buy a pair for their next adventure.

Ruling out the worst Hiking shoe purchase A couple of years ago, Raun decided to get a pair to try on for the first time.

The shoes are a bit on the bulky side for an average person’s feet, but the pair still fit well on his feet, he said, and were also a good match for the weather.

When Raun finally wore the shoes, he decided to give the boots a go.

“You know, I was a little apprehensive, but I’m glad I did,” Raut said.

The next time he tried on the hiking shoes he was surprised by the difference.

The soles were a bit firmer, the footbed felt better, and they were comfortable.

Rook said he also liked that the boot had a nice “bump” to it, and was also comfortable.

He said that Raul helped him decide whether he wanted to buy the boots, or go with the cheaper option.

He also recommended Raul to friends who were considering purchasing hiking shoes.

“He helped me find a place to buy,” Roo said.

Another benefit of buying hiking boots is that they can be kept on the ground for long periods of time, and will also last longer than traditional hiking boots.

Roots are made to last, Rau added, and this means that the shoes can be stored and used for longer periods of times.

Rucks also have a unique patent that allows them to use the company logo and product name on the

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