How to win your next golf tournament


In a new article published on the Ladies Golf Club website, they share their tips on how to win their next tournament.

The article was written by a group of Golfers from different parts of Ireland, and they share some of their favourite tips for winning tournaments.

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Read moreThe article features some of the tips that they share with you, including:Don’t be afraid to take a break at the start.

The group shared some of these strategies to take them back into the game in the last tournament they played.

If you’ve been wanting to play more golf in the off-season, these tips will help you relax and enjoy your time off.

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They also shared the tips for getting through the week, which include:Go for a day out in the countryside.

Don’t miss the golf club as they have a great selection of golf gear and are open all day on weekends.

They have a lovely selection of food and drinks on offer too, which you can get on your way out if you have a family or friends in the area.

The Ladies golf club also offers golf lessons to all members, and can be found at the corner of the street from the M.E.S.R. in St Patrick Street, Dublin 2.

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