When you wear an armour pair of shoes you’re still wearing the wrong kind


Posted May 04, 2019 06:11:07 A woman has been left in hospital after an attack by a man in an armoured pair of boots.

Key points:Police say the man walked into a Melbourne cafe and attacked the womanThe man was armed with a knifePolice say they’re not sure if he’s the same man who attacked two women earlier this monthPolice say he was armed only with a small knife.

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon outside the Cafe Roos on East Park Place in Melbourne’s CBD.

Police say a woman had been sitting in her car outside the cafe and was approached by the man.

“He then walked into the cafe carrying what appeared to be an assault weapon,” a spokesperson said.

“It was a small, folding knife, which he had carried into the café.”

Police said they were not sure how the attacker got the knife, but they are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

“I can’t believe that this could have happened,” said one of the women.

“We’re very lucky that we’re not seriously injured, but the man could have done worse.”

A lot of our customers are women and I can’t imagine the impact this could cause.

“The cafe’s owner, Sarah Wilson, said she was left “in shock” by what happened.”

The owner has been a little bit shocked by this,” she said.”[The man] was a young man, he was wearing an armoured, dark grey, dark-coloured, very stylish leather jacket, with a big black, black leather bag around his waist, he carried a very large knife and he attacked a very young lady.””

I have to tell you, he did not appear to be aggressive towards anyone.”‘

He did not seem like he wanted to harm anyone’Ms Wilson said she did not think the attacker was the same person who attacked the two women.

She said the man was not wearing any armour.”

No, I’m not sure,” she told reporters.”

You could see his arms, he had his arms crossed, his back to the counter, he appeared to not be aggressive, he didn’t seem like someone who wanted to hurt anyone.

“So, I don’t know if he was the one that attacked these two women.”‘

I’m shocked’Ms Hamilton said she had spoken to her daughter and other people in the cafe.

“There were a lot of people in there that were very concerned,” she added.

“When I saw the news I was just shocked.”

What could he do?

He did not look like someone that was on a knife rampage.

“Ms Hamilton is not the only one to be left shaken by the incident.

A friend of the victim has been contacted by police, and a family friend has been made aware of the situation.

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