Which is the best brand of shoes for your job?


The world’s top 10 shoe brands have been named in the latest edition of the UK’s latest Top 10 list of the most admired and respected brands.

The Top 10 is based on a list of 1,000 top-earning companies.

It’s based on sales, profitability, brand value, and a variety of other factors.

Its been a year since the publication of the list, and it’s been re-analyzed by the Institute of Retailers to create the Top 10.

The new Top 10 includes three shoe brands which have been in the Top 100 since the original list was published in 2013.

The brand of the year, which went on to win the 2014 BSB title, was revealed by Boots.

It was followed by the brand of choice, which has been in contention since the mid-2000s, which came in at number four.

The brand of note was the shoe maker, which jumped three places in the top 10, from number seven.

The next biggest jumpers in the new Top 100 were the shoe brand of interest, which took the crown at number ten, from Nike, followed by Clarks, which climbed three places to number seven, from BAE Systems.

The UK’s top shoes brands were revealed by the UK Retail Consortium in January 2017, and now, for the first time, we can put together a list based on brand popularity.

Read more: UK Top 10 shoes brandsThe Top 100 was created using a list that had been published annually since 2013.

Here’s how the Top Ten looks now:1.

Nike – Top 10 – £3.7 billion2.

BAE – Top 20 – £1.9 billion3.

Clarks – Top 30 – £2.9 million4.

Brooks – Top 40 – £5.3 million5.


Crew – Top 50 – £6.9m6.

Burberry – Top 60 – £8.4m7.

H&M – Top 70 – £10.9million8.

Reebok – Top 80 – £14.4million9.

JCPenney – Top 90 – £16.2million10.

ClarksUK – Top 100 – £25.3billion Here are the brands in the first and second positions:Boots – 10th (Top 10)2.

J&A – 8th  (Top 10 (9th)1. JBC – 9th  (12th)2, Vans – 9 (13th)3, Zara – 10  (16th)4.

Rehoboth Beach – 10  (17th)5.

BHLDN – 9   (19th)6.

Uniqlo – 10 (20th)7.

Zara UK – 10   (23rd)8.

H+A – 9   (24th)9.

Unite – 10(25th)10.

Repton – 9(26th)

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