Dad shoe store in Virginia’s largest city sells dad shoes, including one that says the president is dead


By Brandon Darby, CNNMoney staff writer(CNN)When it comes to the president’s body, mommy and daddy have different opinions.

When it’s a mother’s shoe, it’s called a “dad shoe.”

When you go to a dad shoe store, you can’t find a president, no matter how much you know about him, and that’s because his shoes say he’s dead.

That’s the conclusion of a new study by the Virginia Center for Investigative Reporting (VCIR) that looked at thousands of dads, moms, and kids who shopped at Dad’s Shoes in Arlington, Virginia.

The study, which analyzed 1,000 kids from kindergarten through grade 12, found that parents of the president who bought dad shoes said they thought he was dead, and the president was dead in their shoes.

“We found that dads who shoppened at Dad Shoes were more likely to see a dead president,” said Christina S. Haus, the center’s research director.

What’s more, they also said that while their dads thought the president looked “dead” in the shoes, they said their dads were more willing to buy them if they were the president.

For instance, in one study, researchers asked 1,100 dads and their kids whether they thought President Jimmy Carter was dead or alive.

In a survey of more than 1,400 dads and kids, 87 percent said they believed he was alive, compared to 68 percent who said he was not.

Dad shoes are a common shopping choice for parents, but they’re also seen as a symbol of how the American public views the president and his policies.

Many dads shop at Dad Shoe, which also sells the Trump administration’s clothing line and golf clubs.

And the Trump family has been an avid dad, too.

A dad’s shoe store called “Daddy Shoe” has a Facebook page that encourages dads to visit the shop and say hello.

This is a photo of President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the shop in Arlington.

In 2017, the father of a son who attended school at the Washington National Cathedral was told by the shop’s manager that he couldn’t buy a dad’s shoes, according to a CNN article from that time.

After learning of the shop, the boy’s father told the shop manager that the shop had no record of him as a dad, and he contacted the Washington State Department of Labor to file a complaint.

According to the Washington Post, the shop is one of more that have been targeted by the Obama administration, which said in 2016 that it was considering taking down all dads’ shoes.