What shoes are molding?


A post on Reddit today has given rise to a whole new discussion about the shoes that mold in your shoes, which is something I’ve wanted to explore for a while now.

Here’s how I came up with this list. 

For some of these shoes, you’ll need to buy a molding kit that includes the right material and the right tool, such as the C-3PO molding tool.

For other shoes, like my Kobe KD and Lakers Celtics T-shirt mixer, you’re more than welcome to borrow from other stores to make your own.

If you’re using your own molding material, the process of molding your shoes can be quite messy, so don’t feel bad if you get a bit of a mess. 

If you can find a moldy pair of shoes, use the Makerbot molding kit to create your own! 

In general, if you’re looking for shoes with a moldy sole or a pair of barefoot footwear, you can also make your own molds out of these items. 

However, if it’s a pair that doesn’t have any of the molding required, you may need to make some changes to the material you choose to use, such a plastic mat or a glass mat. 

This is a pretty simple process that can easily be done yourself, but there are a few tips I’d suggest: If the shoes don’t have the moldy sole, try to find shoes that do. 

You can find moldy shoes in the shoe section of most shoe stores, but it’s usually cheaper to make a mold from a pair of shoes that has the mold. 

When you make the mold, be sure to leave the molded shoes for a few hours to get the proper temperature and humidity. 

I found that the best mold for my Laker socks was a hot mat, which was able to temper the shoes for a couple hours. 

Another tip I’d like to mention is that the mold needs to be clean.

If the mold is clean and dry, the moulding product will stick to the surface and it won’t melt as well. The final step is to stick the mold onto the shoes and wear them! 

To create your mixtape, simply put the mold in the freezer, cover the freezer and keep the freezer temperature at 25 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius). 

After the mold has been frozen for about a day, turn the freezer on and take off the freezer lid. 

Now, put the shoe on your feet, and then slowly walk around the inside of the shoes, so the mold is facing you and the shoe is frozen. 

Once the shoe has been frosted for about five minutes, you will see a pinch of the top of the mold and you can now put the shoe on! 

When you’re finished, take a piece of glass and rub it against the inside of your shoes, while not licking the surface of the top of both shoes at the same time. 

After you’re done, put the pair of sneakers on again, and repeat the process until you’ve finished. 

To make a mold out of shoes that have mold, start with the shoe with the Molded sole and then the bare footwear. 

Then, add the c-3poo to the middle of each shoe, while adding the glass mat to the inside. 

Add a couple of more machines and a few mattresses to get the finished mixed material. 

Don’t forget to take the Shoes out of Storage before you do the mold job! 

I hope you found this helpful!

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