How to wear your Chanel shoes


Chanel has made it clear that this year’s season of the shoe will not be a regular season one.

The brand has announced the launch of a new collection, featuring the shoes of its three newest stars, Youssef Kedourie, Tarek El-Bashir, and Hana Toubia. 

The new collection is the brand’s second new collaboration since it announced it would be launching a new shoe line in January 2017.

Earlier this year, the brand also announced the return of a Chanel collaboration with British brand Alexander Wang, which was announced back in November 2017. 

While the new collection has been unveiled so far, Chanel will also be releasing a number of new sneakers in 2017, including a pair of sneakers called the “Tiger” which were teased by Chanel in May of this year.

The company also announced a number other collaboration deals for the upcoming year, including collaborations with Nike, Nike Sportswear, and Reebok. 

In addition to these collaborations, Chanels latest collaboration with Nike has also been teased, and is described as a “performance-oriented shoe” that features the brand ‘s logo on the heel, and features a black heel. 

This year, ChanELS most popular collaboration is with Reeboks, as the brand released a limited-edition pair of its “High Top” sneakers.

This year, it is the second collaboration with ReeBoks for Chanels first collaboration, after it released the “High-Top” sneakers in May.