When Shoe Molds Come Back To Life


A shoe mold that had been dormant for a decade has once again resurfaced thanks to the power of the internet.

As the Shoe Molders website states, “This time, it’s the internet, we’re making a shoe mold!”

The website was founded in 2009 by a group of students from Portland State University, who wanted to make a shoe mould that could mold shoes.

Their idea for a mold came about when they realized they were all using the same type of mold, and that the mold would need to be reused every time the shoe mold was used.

They set out to figure out how to make their mold, which is also known as a “shoe mould,” from scratch, without using a mold-making machine.

The site explains that the company’s initial plan was to make the mold by hand and reuse it every time it was used, but after some trial and error, they realized that they could make a mold by simply using a photo of a mold they had made previously and then sending the mold to the local shoe store.

The shoes they purchased included a pair of Nike sneakers, a pair from Adidas, and a pair by Nike.

The students used the mold as their prototype, and it worked very well.

It worked by molding the shoes on the spot without needing to have any mold-maker nearby, and because the mold was free and easy to use, it was able to mold any shoe the students wanted.

This is the homepage.

The website is still up and running, but it is no longer accessible by the internet as of the publication of this article.

The mold was then sent to a shoe store, and the students were able to use it to mold a pair Nike shoes.

The shoe store received the mold, made the shoes, and sent them back to the shoe store for a refund.

The Shoemolds.COM website has since become a popular resource for shoe mold makers around the world.

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