Michael Kors shoes ‘inappropriate’ for toddlers


Posted November 14, 2018 04:17:12 After a video went viral last year showing a toddler wearing an all-black, suede running shoe, a New York-based shoe company decided to stop making the shoes for young children.

“We’re going to stop selling the shoes that are being marketed for toddlers because they’re not appropriate for them,” said Michael Korys, the company’s CEO.

“I know they’re cute and cute shoes, but it’s not appropriate.”

Kory said he has noticed a decrease in sales from a few years ago, and that he’s heard from a number of parents who are concerned about the way children wear running shoes.

“It’s not a new phenomenon, but for a small child to go out on a trail and be able to run and go through a stream is something that we’re concerned about,” he said.

“So, we’re really concerned about what’s happening in terms of what’s appropriate for a child.”

Kories company, Brooks Running Shoes, is the first major retail company to stop producing running shoes for toddlers.

Brooks was founded in 1968, but has since expanded into running shoes and clothing for kids, including some that are designed for older children.

According to the company, it is also the only major brand that does not make running shoes specifically for toddlers, but also has some products for kids aged between two and six years old.

In response to the video, Brooks said in a statement, “We’ve made our decision to no longer sell any running shoes that we make specifically for our customers.”

The company has also decided to remove all of its running shoes from the US.

Kory told CBC News that he was also aware of a trend in the US where toddlers are wearing “run-on” shoes, which are designed to look like running shoes in the summer.

“Somebody has really started to take the trend to heart and they’re trying to design shoes for them and they do make them for kids,” he told CBC.

Kors running shoes have been on sale in Canada for more than a decade, but in the last year or so, the trend has spread to the United States and Europe.

While the company has not yet decided whether to stop manufacturing the shoes, Kory is confident that it will.

“The trend is definitely there,” he explained.

“You don’t need to buy an all white, run-on shoe to wear them.”

Brooks, which has been selling running shoes since the 1960s, was founded by businessman Charles Kors and his wife, Barbara.

He said that the family has always been “very selective” about what shoes they use, and said that they’ve been using running shoes primarily for “mood-changing” exercises.

“Our shoes are very, very light, they’re comfortable, they last for a long time, and they can run on their own or be worn by other children,” he added.

The company says that it was inspired by the running shoes worn by British athletes such as tennis player Andy Murray and tennis player Serena Williams, who are both children of French parents.

Kories shoes were designed in the 1970s by designer Ralph Lauren.

In a statement provided to CBC News, Brooks also confirmed that it is making a number “new” running shoes which are made to be suitable for younger children, such as the all-over, flat shoe.

“These new running shoes are available in all sizes, sizes, and styles, so that all your running needs are met, regardless of your child’s size,” the statement read.

Karys shoes have also been featured on Canadian television shows such as “Shark Tank” and “Running with the Stars.”

Kors was not immediately available for comment.

“There is nothing more fitting for a toddler to do in the morning than to walk on a running trail,” said Kory.

“They have their own little playground, they have their toys, and their own personal style.

It’s really not appropriate to wear running gear for kids.”

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