The New York Times is making a video game with the same title as The New Yorker


6.6K Shares Share Tweet Email Copy Link Copied by Sarah Dingle The New England Patriots have a pretty strong tradition of using the word “we” to describe themselves.

And, well, they did just that Sunday night when they unveiled a new jersey, one that was literally made out of “we.”

The jersey, called the New England NFL Jersey, has been officially launched on Monday by New England coach Bill Belichick.

In the game, you can watch as Belichick says, “It’s the same jersey, but with our name on it.”

Belichick added that the jersey will be available at select stores across the state.

As we’ve previously reported, the Patriots will be wearing their “we” jersey when they take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

You can watch the video above to see the whole jersey unveil.