How to buy NBA basketball shoes at Nike and other retailers

Sports fans can now find NBA basketball shoe brands at all levels of retailers, and they’re now finding new ways to buy from the comfort of their own homes.But as the NBA continues to ramp up production of its own shoes, Nike is taking the pressure off.“We’re going to continue to work with the players

Why the shoe market is still the way it is

An analysis of sales data, consumer survey data, and other indicators paints a sobering picture of the state of the shoe industry.“The shoe industry is a dying industry,” said John Smedley, chief economist at NPD Group.“We are not seeing any real signs of growth.”The sneaker industry was hit hard by the recession and continues to


Adidas golf shoes get rave reviews from reviewers

JANUARY 06, 2019 06:03:38The adidas Golf Shoes are not just the latest model in the adidas line.They are also the first of a new series, The World.A new model in every series is always a big step forward for the brand, but this one marks a major departure for adidas.The new shoe series has taken


How to fix your PSVR headset issue

How to Fix Your PSVR Headset Issue How to Correctly Disconnect Your PS4 or PS5 Headset?If you’re having problems with the PSVR, there’s a good chance you’re using the wrong headset.The PS4 Pro, the PS5 Pro, and the PS6 have all received firmware updates, and we’ve got a list of all the PS4 and PS6


What are shoes made of?

On Tuesday, Google revealed the world’s most-watched YouTube video ever: a clip from the film The Dark Knight Rises where a character named Mr. Freeze (played by Jason Clarke) has to get a pair of shoes from a stranger.While the shoes are not real, they do appear to be real.But, it turns out, that stranger


How to buy shoes with a freebird deal

Freebird shoe deals can be a great way to save some cash on a pair of shoes.The website offers a range of shoe deals that allow customers to buy up to $100 off any pair of sneakers, sneakers, and trainers they purchase.While these shoes may not be cheap, you can save quite a bit of


When a toddler wears a baby’s shoes

An adorable toddler wearing shoes from a baby-sitting company’s website could set a new standard for parents of toddlers.The company,, says it’s working to find a better way to make babies comfortable.(CBC)In the US, Baby Sitter has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising $60,000 to make shoes for toddlers.“The most important thing to